How to run Source games (CS:S & TF2) in full-screen windowed mode without a border

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To run Valve Source games, like Counter-Strike:Source and Team Fortress 2, follow the steps below: 

  1. Make a note of the screen resolution of the monitor you will be playing the game on. You can find out your screen resolution by selecting the "Start" button --> Control Panel --> Display. In Windows XP, you should see the resolution listed there in a format similar to (1920 x 1080). In Windows 7, you will first need to select "Screen Resolution" in the left sidebar first. 

  2.  Open your Steam Library and right-click on the game you would like to run in window mode. Then select "Properties."


  3. Select the "Set Launch Options..." button.
  4. Enter the following text in the text box: -window -noborder -novid

  5. Select the "OK" button to close the "Launch Options" window. 

  6.  Select the "Close" button to save the changes. 

  7.  Launch the game and navigate to the options menu. Click on the video tab and verify that the resolution is set to the one noted above. 
  8. Close the options menu.

You are now set to run your source game in full-screen windowed mode! This will allow you to alt-tab easily while in game, which can come in handy with a multi-monitor workstation! Repeat this process with other Source games to achieve the same effect! If you are having trouble, the following YouTube video may help:

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