Comparing Browsers - Chrome vs Firefox vs Safari vs Internet Explorer vs Opera - Pros & Cons

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Choosing a browser can be tough as there are many considerations that should be taken into account.  Which browser is going to be fast? Which ones are stable and won't crash often? How about ease of use? Look and feel that suites your needs? How about security - viruses, trojans, malicious popups, tracking, etcetera?  What else can your browser do for you besides strictly surfing the net?  How about extensions and add-ons that will give you extra functionality?  The purpose of this article is to make an attempt at breaking down each browser, listing their pros and cons, giving general use case scenarios for who would benefit most from each browser.


chromeChrome (Download Chrome)

Google Chrome has been gaining popularity over the last year or so and for good reason!  


  • Light weight (Doesn't use much computer memory)
  • Fast
  • Simple interface (Few buttons and web pages have more room)
  • Stable
  • Has the ability to add extra functionality (Called Extensions)
  • Auto updates (No need to get and isntall updates manually!)


  • Uses a lot of memory when many tabs are open



firefox-logoFirefox (Download Firefox)

Mozilla Firefox has been around for longer than Chrome by a few years and thus has had ample opportunity to become a powerhouse of features and useability. It has also been gaining a larger market share (more users) vs other browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.


  • Relatively fast
  • Stable
  • Skinable (Can apply custom themes to change the look and feel of the browser)
  • Busier interface but mangeable
  • Has the ability to add extra functionality (Called Add-ons)
  • Auto updates (No need to get and isntall updates manually!)
  • Huge market of Add-ons available
  • Uses memory efficiently

The browser that comes with Apple's Operating System (OS X and previous) by default.  Simpler than Firefox and slower than Chome; Safari has a specific look and feel and is refined and stable making it a top contender among modern browsers.

  • Simple
  • Very stable
  • Moderate speed
  • Uses memory efficiently


  • Does not auto update
  • No add-ons/extensions to give it extra functionality
  • Cannot customize the look with skins or otherwise


ie-logo-smallInternet Explorer

Internet Explorer has been around for a very long time and is the browser that comes with Windows Operating System by default.  The browser is not particularlly fast, stable, or customizable but fills a certain niche for Windows like Safari does for OS X.  Used to be the #1 browser but has fallen when compared to upcoming modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Many websites support Internet Explorer (But isn't very friendly for developers)


  • Many websites don't support Internet Explorer (Love/hate relationship with developers)
  • Uses an above average amount of computer memory
  • Isn't particularly stable
  • Interface is busy with lots of buttons and text (Less room to display web pages)
  • Isn't very customizable

Opera has been around for a while but is more popular in Europe and less so in the Americas.  Has a distinctive look and feel setting it apart from other modern browsers but does not have any outstanding characteristics that make or break.
  • Very simple
  • Good speed

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